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Infrared Medical Contactless Thermometer

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Fast measurement medical certified infrared thermometer for easy contactless reading of patient / client / family temperature which gives an accurate reading within a torenace of less then 1% which helps to easily indetify people who may possibly be ill or infected with a bactical virus. This ease of identification helps to identify and possibly reduce the risk of cross infection at point of contact. Specifications include:


  • Vibration guidance
  • Silent mode selection
  • Measuring distance guidance
  • Backlit display
  • On/Off Button Key
  • Power On Measurement Button

Measurement range: 32 - 43C
Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.2C in the range of 35.0C - 42.0C & ± 0.3C in the range of 32.0C - 34.9C and 42.1C - 43.0C 
Product Size: 149 x 38 x 42 (mm)
Product weight: 68g