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Germocid Peraacetic Desinfectant Powder Box 500g

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Cold sterilizer disinfectant: the peracetic acid which forms from the reaction of sodium percarbonate and tetracetilethylendiammine (which is obtained after dissolving the product into water) carries on an efficacious biocidal action against spores, virus (HIV, HBV, HCV), bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. At the concentration of 0.3% it carries on sterilization in 10 minutes. The product is active in 15 minutes from dissolution, solution remains active for max 24 hours. Suitable for a cold rapid sterilization and disinfection of endoscopes, surgical and dental instruments, transducer, etc.

The product is active also in presence of organic materials. In this case it is better to previously clean the device with suitable detergent, better if with enzymatic base. It can also be used with automatic washing machines for endoscopes. No environmental impact: once in contact with discharge water, it degrades immediately into acetic acid, water, oxygen. Chemical composition: peracetic acid precursors and coformulants. Made in Italy.

  • Chemical composition
  • Peracetic acid precursor
  • Coformulants