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Fold-Flat Respirator FFP2

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Particulate respirator - FFP2

Facial filtering respirators to protect against solid (non-oil) and liquid (oil) volatile particles.
Double elastic with buttonhole allows to hang the mask to the neck when it's not worn.
Aluminium adjustable nose piece welded with high resistance and internal Polyethylene (PE) Foam nose pad.

Single packed guarantees total hygiene and easy maintenance.

The shape of the respirator has been developed to reduce difficulties of respiration and to improve efficiency in the dialogue.
Innovative design allows a perfect view.
Wide adaptability to various face contours.
Wide filtering area to allow proper ventilation.
Light weight.
Conforms to CE standard - EN 149: 2001

• Protection: FFP2
• Minimum filter efficiency: 92%
• Exposure limit fine particles up to 12xTLV
• Valve: no
• Vertically foldable: yes

• Filter: Polypropylene Fabric
• Elastics: latex-free
• Nose Piece: Aluminium adjustable
• Nose Pad: Polyethylene (PE) Foam