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First Aid Fast Response Kit in Green Bag

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Designed for major incidents and emergencies. The bag opens like a shell to expose the myriad of loops and straps that hold each individual item in place. It allows clear identification and access to a wide range of components ideal for emergency use. The content is extensive with a broad spectrum of products in greater numbers than our other incident kits. All of the dressings in this kit have thicker, extra absorbent pads, which are capable of dealing with more serious wounds or severe bleeding. As an instantly available first aid resource to be grabbed at a moments notice, this kit should be an essential piece of equipment in high risk or expansive working areas.

  • Designed for major incidents and emergencies.
  • Multi-compartment bag with adjustable strap.
  • Extensive range of essential products.
  • Provides for multiple incident scenarios.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Bandages, Triangular
  • 2 Dressings, Ambulance No.1
  • 2 Dressings, Ambulance No.2
  • 2 Dressings, Ambulance No.3
  • 2 Dressings, Ambulance No.4
  • 4 Dressings, Eye Pad
  • 1 Dressing, Trauma Large
  • 1 Dressing, Trauma Medium
  • 1 Eye Wash, Bottle 500ml
  • 2 Foil Blankets, Adult
  • 2 Gloves, Pairs
  • 1 Guidance Leaflet
  • 1 Pen Torch
  • 40 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
  • 2 Resuscitation Face Shields
  • 1 Shears
  • 10 Wipes, Cleansing

Dimensions: 37cmH x 37cmW x 9cmD