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Drug Saliva Test 6 Drugs, 8 Parameters Box of 20pc

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A multi parameters, all-in-one test for simultaneous detection of 6 different drugs in 10 minutes.
Cost effective system for the screening of workers for illicit substance consumption.

Multilanguage box and manual: GB, FR, IT, ES.

Test: Opiates (OPI/MOP)
- Morphine: 40 Cut-off (ng/ml)
- 6 Monoacetylmorphine: 4 Cut-off (ng/ml)

Test: Cocaine (COC)
- Benzoylecgonine: 30 Cut-off (ng/ml)

Test: Amphetamine (AMP)
- d-Amphetamine: 40 Cut-off (ng/ml)

Test: Oxycodone (OXY)
- Oxycodone: 40 Cut-off (ng/ml)

Test: Methanphetamine (MET)
- d-Methanphetamine: 40 Cut-off (ng/ml)
- 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA): 50 Cut-off (ng/ml)

Test: Marijuana (THC)
- 11-nor-delta-8-TCH-9 COOH: 10 Cut-off (ng/ml)