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PLICOMETRO - Professional skinfold caliper - digital with PC cable for data transfer USB

This high precision instrument measures the thickness of a fold of skin with its underlying layer of fat giving physicians the situation of the subcutaneous tissues of the patient.

• Possibility of re-calibration
Produced to meet International Standards, the Gima "Skinfold caliper" has springs which exert a pressure of 10 g/mm2 on the skinfold and an accurate scale which measures thickness in mm. With possibility of re-calibration of the pressure it solves the major problem of traditional skinfold caliper that is reduction of the tension of the spring in the time.

• Easy to use and read
With digital display, it is supplied with picture showing advised positions for measurements. Tables will help obtain correct % of body fat from measured data and make a correct evaluation of the patient.

• Stylish and user-friendly
A special nylon finish makes the device feel skin, avoiding trouble of contact with metal. Made in metal and sold in an attractive wooden box (19x36xh 6 cm). Made in Italy, provided of medical device CE certification. User manual in GB, FR, IT.

• Data management on PC
For immediate data transfer on most programmes (Excel, Word, Open Office, ...). Requirements: Windows 2000, XP (Service Pack 2), 7, Vista. USB 2.0 minimum.

• Measuring range 0-12 mm