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iX Auto provides CPAP & APAP models along with telemonitoring capability that meets the modern needs as patient’s smart companion. 


Connective Telemonitoring capability available with Easy Compliance cloud-based patient management system.

Adaptable  Smooth ramp and exhalation relief  make every breath more natural. 

Smart Clinically approved auto-adjusting algorithm provides more precise OSA treatment. 

Alternative Light weight and detachable humidifier design ideal for both travel and home use.


Connective Cloud-based System: Easy Compliance

APEX Easy Compliance M telemonitoring application and Easy Compliance Online patient management system are available with wifi/4G options for both patients and doctors to track every treatment.

Adaptable Breathing Experience

Auto-On function automatically initiates the treatment without pressing the start button as soon as the patient begins breathing and the therapy starts with a lower pressure to gradually increases it to the prescribed level to help patients fall asleep easily.

Smart Auto-adjusting Algorithm 

Clinically approved Auto-adjusting Algorithm precisely senses and accurately responds to every flow.

All-in-one Alternative Use

Ideal for travel and home use, the product weighs only 900g without the humidifier and is equipped with international roaming option and a travel bag.

Easy Compliance M, track your every breath.

The comprehensive online service for self-monitoring, remote assistance and therapy management.


Easy assembly of the water chamber with large reservoir capacity ensures sufficient humidification for your whole sleep.

Intuitive interface and easy adjusting knob provide friendly navigation on the clear backlit LCD display.

The heated humidifier and tubing with heating coils provide multiple levels of temperature as per your preference to maintain the humidity at night.

PM2.5 ultra filter keeps particles from ingress into CPAP device to provide clean air and reduce the possibility of undesired noise.

Slowly and gradually boost will reduce any discomfort during elevating pressure when patient has shown early stage OSA symptoms


  1. Carry bag
  2. User manual
  3. 90W AC to DC inverter
  4. CPAP machine
  5. Heated humidifier
  6. Water chamber
  7. SD card
  8. PM2.5 filter(1pc)
  9. USB cable
  10. Power cord
  11. Ø15 mm Heated tubing(Optional)


Wifi : yes

Cellular (2G/3G/4G) : Optional 4G function 

Easy Compliance : Standalone / Online - Web / Online - App 

Pressure Range (cmH2O) : 4.0 to 20.0 (0.2 cmH2O increment)

Operation Mode : CPAP / APAP

Ramp Time : 0 - 45 (5 mins increment)

Ramp Starting Pressure : 4 cmH2O

Sound Noise Level : ≦ 28dB(A)

Altitude Adjustment : Auto

Low Pressure Alarm : Yes

Dual Downloading Ports : Yes (SD card and USB cable)

Efficacy Reporting (AHI) : Yes

Heated Tube (Optional) : 6 levels setting

Power Supply  : 90W; 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz, Universal power supply

Water Chamber Capacity : 300ml

Heated Humidifier : 6 levels setting

Safety Classification : Type BF, Class II, IPX2

Certification : CE, TFDA

Dimension : 14.1 x 14.5 x 10.9cm / 23.5 x 14.5 x 14.7cm (with humidifier)

Weight : 0.9 Kg (without Humidifier) / 1.49 Kg (with Humidifier)