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CPAP Full Face Mask Medium

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The WiZARD 220 Full Face Mask is designed for the user to enjoy a relaxed night's sleep, providing better experience with a comfortable fit.

The soft silicone cushion and ergonomic forehead pad with a soft and smooth feel providing maximum stability and comfort. The WiZARD 220 featuring lightweight and fitting a wide range of facial contours, offering users better experience for sleep therapy.

Our soft cushion and different height forehead pad with pressure distribution technology for excellent comfort. The forehead pad is protected by patents.

Simple and effective 

Only four parts for easy of use.

Fitting is so simple with our quick release headgear buckle and soft tubing connection.

Suitable for wide nasal bridge
WiZARD 220 has six sizes (S, M, L) to fit a wide range of facial contours.