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  • Contour fitting delivers better facial pressure redistribution
  • The flexible frame without a forehead pad provides further comfort
  • The snap on cushion allows instant assembly of mask and easy cleaning
  • Special air guiding vents create a silent sleep environment by minimizing undesired airflow noise

Contour Fitting Design

The ergonomic cushion with multiple-pressure-redistribution design conforms to most users’ face that provides more comfort and stability


Soft Forehead Support

Soft and flexible forehead support structure with less skin contact reduces the chance of losing the forehead pad and the nuisance of assembly and cleaning


Quick Snap-on Design

The easy snap-on cushion design makes quick mask replacement possible


Advanced Air Guiding Vent

Redirects the exhalation flow to prevent air from blowing onto the sleeping partner


Breathable and Durable Headgear : Ensures a comfortable and effective OSA treatment

Flexible Mask Frame : The flexible and lightweight frame offers better fitting and great seal

Soft Connection Tubing : Offers better flexibility for freedom of movement during sleep

Safety Valve Structure : Designed to avoid asphyxia in case of CPAP machine power failure

Headgear Clip : One buckle operation for simple mask fitting

Quick Release Tubing : An easy one step removal design for convenient tubing connection


Model : WiZARD 320

Type : Full Face Mask

Acceptable Therapy Pressure : 4-40 cmH2O