The Origins

OK Medical is part of OK Group of companies and was conceived with a simple yet elusive goal in the local medical scene of offering quality medical devices at affordable prices, this with a focus around genuine customer service and satisfaction. 

In 2014 OK Medical opened its flagship retail outlet in Swatar with a large showroom housing its main offices, and offering a vast variety of products to suit all medical needs.


The Journey So Far

Over the years, OK Medical has seen growth in the sectors of medical equipment it initially started with thanks to a growing customer base as well being awarded a number of high-profile contracts both in the public and private sectors. This also helped the company grow into new avenues of products to further assist clients to find the products they need, thus becoming a one stop shop for most medical equipment and consumable needs.


The Future

OK Medical has always been on the look out to better itself, its operations, its supply chain and product range. With a bright future ahead, the company will continue to hold true to its original goal of offering quality medical devices at affordable prices while adapting and growing to the needs of the market. This evolution and future vision is in our minds, what will continue to make OK Medical a key player in the local Medical Device scene.


Mission Statement

OK Medical holds true to the mission statement:

“To offer quality medical devices at affordable prices to ensure your quality of life matters!”