Walking Sticks

OK Medical supplies a large variety of walking sticks which are of the highest quality while still being cost effective. We strive to offer a variety of materials, colours and styles to suit any of our clients tastes and needs. Browse the walking sticks below to find the right one for you.

Folding Walking Stick - Black twist
Folding Walking Stick - Blue Crackle
Folding walking Stick - Red Crackle
Folding Walking Stick - Stained Glass
Folding Walking stick coffee
Lightweight Folding Tri-Cane Seat
Raffaello wood stick
Walking Stick - Adjustable Height
Walking Stick Adjustable Black
Walking Stick Fischer Adjustable Left
Walking Stick Fischer Adjustable Right
Walking Stick Folding Black
Walking Stick Folding Dark Floral Blue
Walking Stick Folding Patterned