Steel Equipment

OK Medical offer simple, practical and easy to adjust drip stands, trays and much more suitable for most healthcare environments. Various models of iv poles, trays and other products are available which may vary in materials, height, weight and number of hooks. Browse the products below to find the right mobile drip stand for you.

Bucket stand - bucket, 18 litre capacity
Double variable height bowl stand - 2 bowls
I.V. Stand On 5 Wheels Trolley - Stainless Steel Hooks
Kickabout stand and bowl
Mayo table, adjustable height - 2 castors / skid feet
Mayo table, adjustable height - 4 castors
Side by side double bowl stand - 2 bowls
Single variable height bowl stand with bowl
Stainless Steel Drip Stand 4 Chrome Hooks
Trolley For Oxygen Cylinder - 10 L
Two tier double bowl stand - 2 bowls