Scissors and Forceps

OK Medical offer a range of high quality medical scissors and forceps to be used in a wide variety of medical scenarios. We aim to stock a variety of sizes and models to ensure you always find what you are looking for. Browse the products below to find out more.

Adson Forceps - 12 cm
Anatomy Forceps - 14 cm
Bandage Scissors
Disposable Skin Staple Remover
Dissecting Kit 9pc
First Aid Scissor b/b Green Handles
Foerster Forceps - 20cm
Forceps Klemmer - 16 cm
Kelly Forceps Straight - 14cm
Klemmer Forceps - straight - 20 cm
Lister Bandage Scissors - 15 cm
Martins Splinter Forceps Stainless Steel
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder -14 cm
Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 16cm
Mosquito Forceps Curved 14cm
Mosquito Forceps Staight 14cm
Mosquito Forceps Straight - 12.5 cm
Mosquito Forceps Straight - 16 cm
Nail Clipper 4 Hinges - 16cm
Nail Cutter 14cm
Nail Nipper - 12.5cm
Scissors Curved Blunt / Sharp - 14.5 cm
Scissors Curved Sharp-Sharp - 11cm
Scissors Straight Sharp/Sharp - 16 cm
Scissors Straight Sharp/Sharp - 20 cm
Spencer Suture Scissors - 13 cm
Straight Scissors Blunt and Blunt 14.5cm
Straight Scissors Blunt and Sharp 14.5cm
Straight Scissors Sharp and Sharp 14.5cm
Surgery Forceps - 14 cm