Premium Hearing Aids

OK Medical supply a range of Premium hearing aids which may be fitted behind the ear or in the ear canal. Hearing aids behind the ear tend to have a higher fitting range which allows for people with more profound hearing loss to hear better. In the ear hearing aids have a slightly lower fitting range but are more aesthetically pleasing as they are barely visible by other people. This range of hearing aids provide a lot more functionality compared to all our other ranges, having the largest number of programs, access to wireless connectivity as well as the largest number of channels to offer better clarity of sound.

Dream 9 440
Dream CIC Micro 330
Dream CIC Micro 440
Dream Fashion BTE 440
Dream Fusion RIC 440
Dream Passion RIC 440
Unique Fashion Mini BTE 440
Unique Fashion Power BTE 440
Unique Fusion RIC 440
Unique Passion RIC 440