Patient Slings

Slings are the most important part of hoist systems as they link the patient to the hoist. OK Medical offer a vast range of slings in a variety of designs, sizes and materials to allow safer and comfortable moving and handling. Browse below to find out which sling is right for you.

Comfort Recline Sling Extra large
Comfort Recline Sling large
Comfort Recline Sling medium
Comfort Recline Sling Samll
Hammock Sling - Large
Hammock Sling - Medium
Hammock Sling - Small
Prism Dual Access Sling large
Prism Dual Access Sling medium
Universal Sling Large
Universal Sling Medium
Universal Sling Small
Universal Sling with Head Support - Large
Universal Sling with Head Support - Medium
Universal Sling with Head Support - Small