Medicine and Record Trolleys

OK Medical supply a range of medicine trolleys and records trolleys which are designed for securely storing drugs and patient records. Available in a variety of materials which are all hygienically designed and comply with all required standards and guidelines. Browse the products below to find out more.

Easy Cart - 3 Shelevs
Medical Notes Trolley (Large) - Lockable Top
Medical Notes Trolley - Closed sides and top with lock
Medical Notes Trolley Double - Closed Sides and Top
Medical Notes Trolley Small - Top locking
Monitored Dosage System Trolley - Large (9 Racks)
Monitored Dosage System Trolley - Small (4 Racks)
Monitored Dosage System Trolley - Small (6 Racks)
Records Transfer Trolley - Locking Top
Records Transfer Trolley - Open
Unit Dosage System (UDS) Trolley - Small
Unit Dosage System Trolley - Large