Foam Cushions

OK Medical stock a large selection of foam cushions ideal for users who are at low risk of pressure ulcers or have started showing signs of redness or skin breakage. Browse the range below to choose the right cushions for you.

Bariatric Comfort Cushion - Memory Foam
Bonyparts Sero Pressure Cushion
Coccyx Sero Pressure Cushion
Coccyx Wedge Cushion
D Lumbar Roll
Deluxe Sero Pressure Cushion
Duo Car Back Support
Memory Foam Seating Cushion
ProComfort Firm 18"
ProComfort Medium 18"
Putnams Superest
Sero Pressure Ring Cushion
Standard Sero Pressure Cushion
Visco-Mouss Antidecubitus Cushion 16"
Visco-Mouss Antidecubitus Cushion 18"