Empty Boxes and Bags

If you are looking to replace a damaged first aid box or setup your own custom first aid bag, OK Medical has the right products for you. Our vast range of empty first aid boxes and bags of different sizes and materials are sure to suit everyone's needs. Click on the products below to find the right first aid kit for you.

Paris Bag
Alu Standard Box Silver/Green
Alu-Large Box Silver/Green
Budapest Metal Wall Cabinet
Emergency Bag with Handles
Empty Plastic First Aid Case
First Aid Box plastic / large - green
First Aid Box plastic / medium - green
First Aid Box plastic empty small - green
Logic - 2 Rucksacks - Large
Logic - 2 Rucksacks - Medium
Marseille Bag
Silos Rucksack
Smart Bag - Large - Red
Smart Bag - medium - Red
Smart Bag - Small - Red
Sofia Single Cabinet
Thermic Cube Case - Medium
Toulouse Bag