Eating and Drinking

OK Medical stocks a vast range of eating aids & drinking aids for people who have difficulties due to age or illness. These useful aids can assist users in becoming more independent when it comes to basic necessities. Browse the products below to find out more.

Amefa Left hand Spoon
Amefa Right hand Fork
Amefa Right hand Spoon
Caring Mug
Doidy Cup
Dycem Mats
EasyGrip Fork
EasyGrip Knife
EasyGrip Oval Spoon
EasyGrip Teaspoon
Feeding Beakers and Lids 8mm
Flexi-Cut Cup
Good Grips Fork
Good Grips Rocker Knife
Good Grips Tablespoon
Good Grips Teaspoon
Kura Care Adult Fork
Kura Care Adult Knife
Kura Care Adult Spoon
Manoy Sloped Plate - Large
Manoy Sloped Plate - Small
Nelson Knife
Plate Surround
Plate Vital
Sure Grip Non-Spill Cup
Ultralite Cutlery Large Handled Fork
Ultralite Large Handled Knife
Ultralite Large Handled Spoon
Waterproof Bib with Food Catcher - Green
Waterproof Bib - Green
Waterproof Bib - Red
Waterproof Bib with Food Catcher - Blue
Waterproof Bib with Food Catcher- Red