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Unit Dosage System Trolley - Large
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OK Medical Dots

Our Unit Dosage System (UDS) Drug Trolleys are available in 2 sizes to accommodate individual patient prescriptions to be stored in their own trays. Strong, secure and hygienically designed, our trolleys are finished in durable beech effect laminate, providing an optimum drug storage and distribution solution for hospitals, nursing homes and health care centres.

  • 3 shelves with 3 wide trays and 9 dividers
  • 3 shelves with 6 narrow trays and 18 dividers
  • Standard tray capacity provides 54 compartments
  • Up to 135 compartments can be achieved by fitting additional dividers
  • Six adjustable height door shelves
  • Top shelf for patients record file
  • Pull-out storage tray
Technical Data
OK Medical Dots


112cm(H) x 82cm(W) x 60cm(D)

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