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Unique Fashion Mini BTE 330
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OK Medical Dots

The WIDEX UNIQUE MINI-BTE is based upon the new WIDEX U-platform with Sound Class technology for automated classification of sound environments and optimal sound processing determined by the sound classes. Wireless connectivity via our WidexLink technology. Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices. Uses a size 312 battery. Minimal to severe-to-profound hearing losses.

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots

WidexLink wireless connectivity - Yes

InterEar functionality - Yes

Multiple earware options incl. redesigned thintubes - Yes

Power Saver III technology: low current consumption

Connectivity - App for iPhone, Android and new functionality - Via COMDEX

DEX assistive listening devises (using WidexLink) - CALL-DEX, UNI-DEX, COM-DEX, TV-DEX, RC-DEX, FM+ DEX, PHONE-DEX

Battery Size - 312

U platform Technology - Yes

Push button - Programmable : Preference Control, program shift or a combination of the two

Focus Mode - Yes

Digital Pinna - Yes

Soft Level Noise Reduction - Yes

TruSound Softener - Yes

Speech Enhancer RT - InterEar (IE)

Noise Reduction - Yes

Sound Class Technology - 5 Different Environments InterEar (IE)

HD Locator - 10

Programs - 4

Processing and fine tuning channels - 10

ZEN Tinnitus Management - InterEar (IE)

Audibility Extender - Yes

Variable Speed Compression - Yes

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