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Pocket Peak Flow Meter Standard 60 - 800 l/min
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OK Medical Dots

The Pocketpeak Peak Flow Meter is designed to provide simple and reliable home asthma management. Lightweight and easy to use, it provides accurate and reliable measurements time and time again. It is easy to clean and features a universal mouthpiece.

The EU/ATS Scale Pocket peaks will not only comply with the new European Standards but also with ATS (American Thoracic Society) Standards. Standards range pocket peak will cover 60-800 litres/min, low range will cover 50/400 litres/min.

Package includes multilingual directions for use and peak flow diary, all packed in a cardboard box.

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots

Size 86 x 81 x 30 mm. Weight 45 g. 
Color: cream
Standards: EN 13826:2003

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