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OK Medical Dots

The MENU series from Widex lets you choose the features you need without paying for extras that you don’t.
The basic MENU option gives you great sound for easy listening. If you want more features, such as our unique relaxation program, or our technology that gives you better speech in noise, they can be easily and quickly added.
Whichever MENU you choose, you’ll be getting clear and natural sound.
You can simply choose from a range of unique Widex features to match your hearing needs, for example if you want to:

  • Understand speech from varying directions (HD LOCATOR)
  • Reduce unwanted noise and increasing speech intelligibility (SPEECH ENHANCER)
  • Hear high pitched sounds such as birdsong (AUDIBILITY EXTENDER)
  • Manage the effects of tinnitus (ZEN)
  • Reduce the risk of feedback (FEEDBACK CANCELLATION SYSTEM)

The flexible, 10-channel solution from Widex. Based on the Flex platform, MENU gives you the option to "build" a hearing aid to suit an individual hearing loss. Optional features for better performance and sound. Minimal to severe hearing loss.

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots

Processing channels - 10

Flex platform

Basic pack 

High Level Compression - Yes

Automatic Output Control  - Yes

Sound Stabilisers - Yes

Noise reduction SIS - Yes

Directional microphones Omni/Dir - Yes

Multidirectional Active Feedback Cancelling - Yes

2 listening programs



HD Locator with Speech Tracer  - Yes

Speech Enhancer - Yes

Sound Diary - Yes

SmartSpeak  - Yes

Audibility Extender - Yes

Zen Tinnitus Management  - Yes

Up to 3 extra listening programs

Accessories - T-DEX, Remote control, FM/DAI compatible, Telecoil, Volume control

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