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Heine 3S Led Head Light
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OK Medical Dots

Ultra bright and compact HEINE 3S LED HeadLight for powerful, coaxing illumination.

- 50,000 Lux of bright, white light:
With a reference colour temperature of 5,600 Kelvin
and an extraordinary 50,000 Lux of illumination, the 3S LED
HeadLight is more than twice as bright as conventional Headlights

- Compact and Light-Weight:
The compact design ensures clear, unobstructed coaxial
illumination. The 3S LED HeadLight weighs only 70 grams
ensuring user comfort even during prolongued use.

- Flexibility:
Continuously adjustable spot size and brightness control.
Mains or 10 hours operating time with mPack® power supply.
Rechargeable battery pack and direct mains transformer included.

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots
  • Power supply: mPack® Rechargeble Battery Pack with NiMH battery and direct mains transformer
  •  Illumination: 50,000 lux at a working distance of 250 mm
  •  LED operating life: 20,000 hours
  •  Spot adjustment: 20 mm to 130 mm illuminated field diameter (at 500 mm)
  •  Colour temperature: 5600°K 

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