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FC1400 Single Foetal Monitor
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Superior data display
- 320 x 240 color LCD viewer (4.3 inch)
- FHR and automatic fetal movement detection
- 12 hours of memory capacity
- Recommended after week 30
Extreme data accuracy and access
- High-accuracy and wide detection area
- Easy on-screen scrolling function
- Endurable watertight probes, 1 MHz
- CTG analysis printing
- Both standard and A4 size paper usable
- Normal fax paper usable
- High speed printout (50 cm/min)
Other advantages
- Wireless central monitoring up to 8 beds (Option)
- PC compatible
- Internal battery lasting 2-hours (Option)
- Power adapter 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots


Pulsed Doppler

Ultrasound frequency: 1.0 MHz

Intensity: <10mW/cm2

FHR range: 50-240 bpm (± 1 bpm)

Fetal movement:

Detection source: Ultrasound pulsed doppler


Frequency response: DC 0.5 Hz

Reference (zero) control

Measurement range: 0~99 units


Thermal array type

Print speed: 1, 2, 3 cm/min

Paper feeding function


320 x 240 Colour LCD


Heart rhythm with signal quality

Alarm, printing on/off state

AC power


Alarm upper/low limit value

Record speed, paper grid, Fetal

Movement On/Off, Time/Date, Print contrast, Auto print period


Input: AC 100-240V (50/60 Hz)

Output: DC 18V, 2.5A

Consumption: 80W


296(W)x 305.5(H) x 92.5(D)mm

Weight: approx 3.2 kg

External link:

RS-232C: Program Download


Period: test period

Average baseline FHR (bpm)

Number of UC (frequency / h)

Number of acceleration (frequency / h)

Number of deceleration (frequency / h)

Late DEC: number of late deceleration

Early DEC: number of early deceleration

Variable DEC: number of variable deceleration

TACHY: moderate (>160 bpm): period of that FHR is between 160~190 (minutes)

TACHY: severe (>190 bpm): period of that FHR is over 190 (minutes)

BRADY: moderate (<110 bpm): period of that FHR is between 90~110 (minutes)

BRADY: severe (<90 bpm): period of that FHR is lower than 90 (minutes)

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