Dream Fusion RIC 330
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OK Medical Dots

The FUSION model provides the ultimate in flexibility. Three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, means that FUSION can suit most types of hearing loss.

The WIDEX DREAM RIC uses our unique wireless WidexLink technology and the new TRUE ISP, True-Input technology platform. Program shift on housing and via RC-DEX/M-DEX. Volume control via RC-DEX/M-DEX. Uses a size 312 battery. Mild to moderately severe hearing losses.

Technical Data
OK Medical Dots


True-Input Technology - Yes

TruSound Softener - Yes

Digital Pinna - Yes

TruSound Compression - Yes

TruSound AOC - Yes

WidexLink – Wireless connectivity - Yes

DEX devices - All

InterEar functionality - Yes

Multiple earware options - Yes

Battery Size - 312

Wind noise reduction cover - Yes

Volume control - DEX

Program shift - Standard/DEX

Number of programs - 4

Telecoil - Yes

Processing channels - 10

HD Locator - 10

InterEar (IE) Feedback Cancelling

Speech Enhancer SII - Yes

Noise reduction SIS - Yes

EDRC - Yes

Personal Audibility Extender - Yes

Personal Acclimatisation InterEar (IE) - Yes

Zen/Zen+ - InterEar (IE)

Reverse focus program - Yes

IE volume control - Yes

IE program shift - Yes

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